Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NASW-NC to testify before the County Commissioners in Guilford County

NASW-NC along with the NC School Social Work Association will be testifying on behalf of Guilford County School Social Workers tomorrow night.

In the county budget negotiations, it was decided, primarily by the superintendent, Dr. Grier, that 40 positions would be cut. The school system asked the county for just over $11 million in funding and received some $8 million. The difference would be made up in slashing prevention programs and support positions in school social work.

It is the position of NASW-NC and the NC School Social Work Association that this is poor public policy. This cut will have dramatic effects on the infrastructure of an already over burdened county. Teachers and other personnel will have to make up for the loss of these professionals.

Perhaps, the county commissioners will see differently during the hearing tomorrow. Calls and requests to meet with the Superintendent have gone unanswered.

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