Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SB 1090 Update

Wow, it has been a morning! Thank you so much. Due to the efforts of our amazing board and colleagues from the Clinical Society, the Licensure Board and members we have succeeded in getting our bill reported out of Ways & Means.

NASW-NC met with Rep. Jim Harrell this morning and we resolved the issue over our bill. The concern was in regard to a potential amendment that the DHHS folks wanted to add to our bill regarding Rec. Therapy. The DHHS lobbyist and I (NASW-NC) had already worked that issue out and resolved that it would not be attached to our bill. However, the rumor had gotten around and that was what the Representative was basing his concerns on. The Rec. Therapy folks had been calling him assuming it to be true as well. After we clarified our position, we were ok. We are now on our way to the House floor for a final vote.

I (NASW-NC) have also notified our bill sponsor, Sen Purcell and the DHHS lobbyist.

This is a clear demonstration to me of the power of Social Work at its best. Networking and Coordinating with others and using our collective communication to move obstacles….

Great Job all!

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