Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Social Workers donate more money politically

In the Sept-Oct 2007 NC Psychologist newsletter, Dr. Jennifer Snyder writes Political Giving-Whither Psychology? In her article, Dr. Snyder states that "Even social workers contribute more, overall, than psychologists." (p. 4)

The article discusses several possible rationale for the lack of giving in psychology. It is my opinion, that social workers give more because we are inherently more political in nature. Our profession, born out of the Industrial Revolution, reared in the Depression, and educated in times of plenty and times of need. Social Workers began in the movements of the Hull House and the Charity Societies.

We have evolved to be a profession of grassroots organizers to politicians. From child welfare scholars and practitioners to academic researchers. Ours is the profession of meeting clients, organizations, communities, consumers, where they are.

Our professional ethos and ethics brings to bear the ideals of right to self determine, dignity and worth of people, need for boundaries and practicing within one's scope of practice.

For all these reasons, I believe, and many more, Social Workers give more politically.

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