Friday, November 2, 2007

Rep. Beverly Earle a no-show

As we learn in our social work education, when you are making decisions, it's the people at the table who get the most input. It's the ones who show up. In this instance, it seems Rep. Earle had an obligation that kept her from a debate against her opponent, which was her chance to be at the table and make her positions known. This of course leads me to think of the old adage about actions speaking louder than words. What is she saying? Article as follows:

NO SHOW: State Rep. Beverly Earle didn't show up for a debate Wednesday night against her opponent, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory. Earle sent a campaign manager to apologize for her absence and express her concern for homelessness in Charlotte. "As mayor she will do everything she can to address these problems," Wilhelmenia Rembert said. McCrory, a Republican, gave a two-minute pitch for what's important to him: public safety, transportation and permanent housing for the homeless. ( THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 10/25/07)

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