Friday, January 11, 2008

NICS Improvement Bill (H.R.2640)

Dear Member of States United,

The NICS Improvement Bill (H.R.2640) passed the House on a voice vote last night. The House voted to accept the bill as modified by the Senate. This legislation aims to get more records on the NICS database - not only on mental health but also for felonies and domestic violence restraining orders and domestic violence misdemeanor crimes. For instance, it is estimated that right now 25% of felony records are not on the NICS system. Looking at these facts, the legislation contains some wins and Congress actually passed gun control legislation.

However, the legislation definitely contains compromises, particularly in the area for federal and state procedures to restore gun rights to those who were on NICS due to mental health issues. (See press release you received from CSGV, LCAV and VPC) Therefore, it will be important for gvp organizations to carefully monitor the implementation of the procedures set up to allow a person who had a mental health issue to get their gun rights restored.

Barbara Hohlt
Executive Director, States United
646-594-8956 cell

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