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Prevent Child Abuse NC Evidence Based Trainings

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Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina

Strengthening Families Program Facilitator Training

April 15-16, 2008
Winston-Salem, NC
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Training Goals

SFP group leader trainings include both instruction and participation by trainees. This training focuses on building knowledge regarding:

¬ Conceptual basis and origins of SFP
¬ Overall structure and mechanics of SFP
¬ Overview of the parent, child, and family curriculums
¬ Learning “Child’s Game” and “Parent’s Game”
¬ Simulation experience delivering sessions from parent, child, and family courses
¬ Recruiting and retaining families and decreasing attrition
¬ Administering evaluation instruments
¬ Dealing with ethical and legal problems; handling crisis; providing referrals
¬ Group facilitation skills

Program Description
The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a highly successful, science-based family skills training program for children ages 6-11 and their families. It is designed to increase resilience and reduce risk factors for behavioral, emotional, academic, and social problems. SFP builds on protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and improving the youth’s social and life skills. SFP fully meets all federal agencies’ standards for science-based prevention programs. SFP is culturally sensitive rather than culturally specific, but has also been successfully adapted for African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and American Indian families. It is also available in Spanish. For nearly 20 years, SFP has been implemented in schools, drug treatment centers, family and youth service agencies, community mental health centers, housing projects, homeless shelters, churches, and drug courts.

Program Format
SFP consists of parenting, children’s life skills, and family skills training courses taught together in 14 sessions. The program requires a part-time site coordinator and family recruiter and four trainers to deliver the program (two parent trainers and two children’s trainers). The program costs per course (one group of up to 14 families) vary tremendously depending on whether existing staff delivers the program as part of their regular job.

Training Requirements
To be successful, staff needs to have experience in leading and facilitating groups of parents and/or children. Para-professional or professional staff that effectively engage with parents and have an understanding of the risk and protective factors that put the family at risk are most likely to be successful.

Additional Information
The training fee includes some technical assistance in implementation. Additional implementation assistance and evaluation services and assistance are available. A follow-up on-site visit once implementation has begun is often helpful in assuring fidelity and program effectiveness.

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The Incredible Years – BASIC Parenting Program

May 28-30, 2008
Central, NC
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Training Goals

This training will focus on educating participants regarding:

¬ Promoting parent competencies and strengthening families
¬ Increasing positive and nurturing parenting
¬ Reducing critical and violent discipline approaches by replacing spanking with positive strategies such as ignoring, using logical and natural consequences, redirecting, monitoring, and problem solving
¬ Improving parents’ problem-solving skills, anger management and communication skills
¬ Increasing family support networks and school involvement/bonding
¬ Helping parents and teachers work collaboratively to ensure consistency across settings
¬ Increasing parents' involvement in children's academic-related activities at homeProgram Description
This three-day workshop will cover in depth the BASIC Parenting Program, which is designed to promote positive parenting strategies and to assist parents in managing children’s behavior problems. Content of this training program includes play, helping children learn, positive reinforcement, limit-setting, nonphysical discipline alternatives, problem solving, effective communication skills, and supporting children's education. Group therapy process issues such as empowering parents, collaborating, dealing with resistance, confronting and teaching, as well as supporting and advocating for parents will be discussed. This program may be used by professionals (such as therapists and parent educators from psychology, social work, education, nursing and psychiatry) who are working with families of young children with conduct problems (ages 4-10 years), or with single parents, abusive parents, and teenage parents. The workshop will also illustrate how to use this program as a prevention program for use in elementary schools and preschools.

Program Format
The BASIC Parent Training Program consists of 12 to 14 weekly two-hour group sessions. The parent program can be used by professionals who are interested in conducting parenting groups for parents of children with behavior problems, or for preventing problems from occurring in the first place. The training is comprised of Programs 1 through 4 that focus on strengthening parenting skills and consist of components that build upon one another.

Training Requirements
Group leaders come from many disciplines, including counseling, social work, psychology, psychiatry, nursing, and education. Prospective leaders should have education and/or experience in teaching, nursing, social work, psychology, or psychiatry. They will also need an understanding of child development.

Additional Information
The training fee includes extensive syllabus and a copy of the book by Carolyn Webster-Stratton: The Incredible Years.

The Incredible Years website, is an excellent resource to learn more about the program and implementation. You can visit the ‘Launching the Program’ section and download a checklist to determine your agency’s readiness for using this program.
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