Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Action Alert, JCPC Funding

Advocate for Children through JCPC Funding!

Act Now To Support JCPC Funding!

Take Action!
Tell Legislators to Intervene on Behalf of NC’s At-Risk Youth through Support of JCPC Funding!

Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils (JCPC) across North Carolina serve to identify and fund critical intervention and prevention services for at-risk youth. These services help prevent children from being incarcerated in the Youth Detention Centers, stay out (or get out) of gangs, stay in school, receive mental health treatment, reduce teenage pregnancies, reduce recidivism, and alter life choices to make positive changes for their adulthood.
Since 2002, funding DECREASED to JCPCs for this vital work despite an increase in the number of youths in North Carolina. Currently, all JCPC funding is scheduled to end at midnight June 30, unless legislators pass a budget allocating at least $22.7 million to the JCPCs.
We need to let House and Senate leaders know NOW the importance of reallocating the original $22.7 million and the need for an additional $5 million for JCPC funding. Please click on "Take Action" and you can personalize a letter to House and Senate members today!

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