Thursday, October 30, 2008

NASW-NC PACE releases endorsements for 2008

Countdown to Election Day- NASW-NC PACE Endorsement List for 2008

Your NASW political action committee (NC PACE) has carefully reviewed the candidates for office in North Carolina’s council of state races (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc) and races for NC House and Senate. NASW staff has gathered information from candidates via questionnaire and occasionally through interviews. Finally we evaluate candidates through their voting records and through information from sister organizations who have also made endorsements and gathered information on candidates.

You will note that we do not endorse candidates in each House and Senate race, as there are times we choose not to endorse or do not have adequate information to comfortably support a candidate.A reminder that the political action committee is established under state law and as such is separate from NASW. We are non-partisan and endorse based on the performance of candidates relative to the general legislative agenda of NASW-NC.

Sometimes we endorse candidates who are friendly to us on only one or two issues but we know that they do not have significant electoral opposition. The NASW-NC Board appoints all PAC board members.Note that National NASW endorses candidates for federal office (President, US House and Senate).We invite your questions and feedback.

NASW-NC list of endorsed candidates:

Governor: Beverly Perdue
District Court Judge District 18: Angela Foster
Lt. Governor: Walter Dalton
District Court Judge District 18: Polly D. Sizemore
Treasurer: Janet Cowell
District Court Judge District 21: Amy Allred
Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall
District Court Judge District 26: John Totten
Attorney General: Roy Cooper
House Dist 3: Alice Graham Underhill
Commissioner of Insurance: Wayne Goodwin
House Dist 9: Marian McLawhorn
Superintendent of Public Instruction: June Atkinson
House Dist 11: Ronnie Griffin
Supreme Court Associate Justice: Suzanne Reynolds
House Dist 13: Barbara Garrity-Blake
Court of Appeals: James Wynn
House Dist: 17: Bonner Stiller
Court of Appeals: Kristin Ruth
House Dist 23: Joe Tolson
Court of Appeals: Cheri Beasley
House Dist 29: Larry D. Hall
Court of Appeals: Linda Stephens
House Dist 30: Paul Luebke
Court of Appeals: John Arrowood
House Dist 32: Jim Crawford
District Court Judge District 10: Christine Walczyk
House Dist 33: Dan Blue
House Dist 34: Grier Martin
House Dist 106: Martha Alexander
House Dist 35: Jennifer Weiss
House Dist 113: Tom Thomas
House District 37: Ed Ridpath
House Dist 115: Bruce Goforth
House Dist 38: Deborah Ross
House Dist 116: Jane Whilden
House Dist 39: Linda Coleman
House Dist 117: Paul D. Goebel
House Dist 40: Marilyn Avila
House Dist 119: Phil Haire
House Dist 41: Ty Harrell
Senate Dist 2: Jean R. Preston
House Dist 44: Margaret Dickson
Commissioner of Labor: Mary Fant Donnan
House Dist 49: Lucy Allen
Senate Dist 7: Doug Berger
House Dist 52: Betty Mangum
Senate Dist 8: RC Soles
House Dist 53: Joe Tart
Senate Dist 9: Julia Boseman
House Dist 58: Alma Adams
Senate Dist 11: AB Swindell
House Dist 59: Maggie Jeffus
Senate Dist 12: Kay Carroll
House Dist 63: Alice Bordsen
Senate Dist 14: Vernon Malone
House Dist 64: Cary Allred
House Dist 69: Pryor Gibson
Senate Dist 15: Neal Hunt
House Dist 70: Pat Hurley
Senate Dist 16: Josh Stein
House Dist 71: Larry Womble
Senate Dist 18: Bob Atwater
House Dist 77: Lorene T. Coates
Senate Dist 20: Floyd McKissick
House Dist 81: Hugh Holliman
Senate Dist 23: Ellie Kinnaird
House Dist 82: Jeff Barnhart
Senate Dist 24: Tony Foriest
House Dist 86: Walt Church, Sr.
Senate Dist 25: Bill Purcell
House Dist 88: Ray Warren
Senate Dist 27: Don Vaughan
House Dist 90: Jim Harrell
Senate Dist 29: Ronald (Ron) Franklin
House Dist 93: Cullie Tarleton
Senate Dist 34: Andrew Brock
House Dist 100: Tricia Cotham
Senate Dist 36: Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.
House Dist 101: Beverly Earle
Senate Dist 37: Daniel G. Clodfelter
House Dist 102: Becky Carney
Senate Dist 38: Charlie Dannelly
Senate Dist 47: Joe Sam Queen
Senate Dist 40: Malcolm Graham
Senate Dist 49: Martin Nesbitt
Senate Dist 43: David Hoyle
Senate Dist 50: John Snow
Senate Dist 45: Steve Goss

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