Friday, November 7, 2008

!Si se pudo!

Hello Friends,
Please check out this petition to President-elect Obama to call for a moratorium on ICE raids.
From The Rise Movement:
Si se pudo! Yesterday, we made history. Latinos, immigrants, and people of conscience voted in awesome numbers. And, overwhelmingly, we cast our ballots for a presidential candidate whose life story and vision promise hope for immigrants and everyone who has not yet been fully included in the American community. Now, we petition the President-elect to deliver the change we need: an end to the anti-immigrant assault. Yesterday, we upheld the promise of 2006. Today, we celebrated this historic victory and began the long march to justice that lies before us.We walked with hundreds of supporters from the Placita Olvera encampment to the nearby federal building, broke the fast with fruit juice in an interfaith religious ceremony, and made a new promise: "Yesterday we voted, tomorrow we march!" And today, we launched a petition to President-elect Obama calling for an immediate moratorium on ICE raids. Please sign the petition right now.Barack Obama's victory and the Democratic landslide offer us a tremendous opportunity. But, as Obama himself says over and again, change comes from the bottom up and never ends with an election. It is up to us to seize this moment and fight to realize the promise of just immigration reform that our votes have created.The Fast has inspired so many to imagine the possibilities for our movement of militant nonviolent action in the tradition of Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez. How much more can we do if we are willing to make deep personal sacrifices for la causa? To find out, we will have to train and prepare ourselves.First, we must declare our determination to hold our leaders accountable to our vote. Everyone in our movement agrees: the ICE raids must end! Let's let Obama know - sign the petition today and forward it to everyone you know.Thank you so much for everything you've done. Si se puede,The Rise teamP.S. Special thanks to everyone who donated in response to our appeal. We were moved by the response, and we've cut our debt for the Fast in half. Please donate today to help us pay off the expenses of this historic campaign.
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