Monday, December 1, 2008

The Election is Over, What's Next?

NASW-PACE had a successful election with close to 90% of our endorsed candidates winning their election. This was due in large part to our members who responded to our call for volunteering on the campaigns. Thank you for that.

In addition to notifying our members about endorsed candidates through targeted e-mails, NASW-PACE held eight phone banks September through November. Volunteers called nearly 3,000 members in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado, and Maine, considered key states for the Senate and for the presidential elections. NASW-PACE endorsed 238 candidates for the House and Senate and Barack Obama for President.President-elect Barack Obama wants to hear from you. You can influence his administration by providing your experiences and your ideas here. Make sure that you mention you are a social worker and member of the National Association of Social Workers

1 comment:

BAM said...

I suggest you start working on solutions.

We have heard all about how the other side has done it wrong for the past eight years. But I have yet to hear solutions or even better ways of doing things. Just complaints about the way they doing them now.

I can hardly wait to see your change!

You know the terrorists still want to kill Americans-Right?

Are we going to negotiate with them? I want to see that!

For the next four years anyway ALL issues will be on the Demonstrates good and bad as they have full majority in congress as well as the presidency.

So there really should be no excuse why they can't fix all the ills of the country! Right?

----Talk is over-----

For the Democrats ITS SHOW TIME!