Thursday, January 27, 2011

A note from the Director of Advocay, Policy and Legislation

I typically use this space to forward information on about events/conferences/news/etc. Today I am writing in hopes to inspire you to get connected with your elected officials. Legislation will move QUICKLY through the General Assembly. It is in the best interest of your profession and clients to speak on behalf of issues you feel strongly about. You can call, email and hand write letters to those that represent you (and to those that sponsor/co-sponsor particular bills).

It is really so simple to communicate with them and you should by no means feel intimated. They are people just like you! To find out who represents you, go to If you need some help with inspiration of what to say about particular pieces of legislation, feel free to contact me at

It really is such an important time for you to get involved! The social work profession needs help from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! So stand up to advocate for yourself, your profession, your clients and the community you live in!

Kay Paksoy
Director of Advocacy, Policy and Legislation

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