Friday, February 4, 2011

Bills of Interest- Second week of Session

The following list are bills filed this week that may be of interest to some social workers.

House Bill 28: DHHS to Provide Law Enforcement Information
- We are following closely to this bill to see that it will not violate HIPPA
- Also to see that law enforcement are trained and know what to do with this information as to not violate HIPPA.
- Let your legislators know how dangerous it could be if this information gets out and to ensure that client records are handled properly!

House Bill 36: Public Contracts/Illegal Immigrants
- I have listed this bill as it impacts possible social work clients.
- While NASW-NC will not be lobbying against or for this bill, it will be of interest to some of your clients.

Senate Bill 8: No Cap on Number of Charter Schools
- As mentioned in the previous bill, we will not be lobbying for or against this bill. However, this bill is of interest to school social workers as it may affect their student populations.

Senate Bill 13: Balanced Budget Act of 2011
From Together, NC, a coalition group NASW-NC is a part of: On Thursday morning, the Senate debated a bill, S13, sponsored by Sens. Stevens, Brunstetter and Hunt, which initiates a series of cuts totaling $542 million. These spending reductions include about $142 million in cuts to various trust funds, including $11.6 million from the Health and Wellness Trust Fund.

Most importantly, the bill authorizes the Governor to make $400 million in discretionary cuts for the current fiscal year (the Governor has already agreed to do this). Presumably, this $400 million would then be available to ease the projected $3.7 billion shortfall for next year. At this point, no one knows where the money will come from - finding $400 million over the next three months is going to be awfully difficult.

The bill is expected to be passed by the Senate on Monday evening.

Senate Bill 28: Funds to Prevent Infant Mortality
- This bill may be of interest to medical/public health social workers
- For those working with pregnant women, this would be a bill to support!
- Contact your legislators and let them know how important this funding is, who it supports and provide person stories and testimonies from clients!

Senate Bill 32: Hospital Medicaid Assessment/Payment Program
- Again, this would be a bill medical and public health social workers could support! Click on the link to read more details about the bill.
- Contact your legislators and let them know how it would impact your patients and your work.

Senate Bill 34: The Castle Doctrine
- I will have more action steps for this bill next week. However, become familiar with the text of the bill in the mean time and the implications it can have on public employees. Be ready to gather stories and information to help stop this legislation.

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