Monday, March 7, 2011

Action Alert from the NC Justice Center

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of postings on here. I have been running around and Friday we had a very successful Ethics Conference! Here is an important message about House Bill 93. I urge you all to take action! I received this message from the Justice Center. Remember to add information about yourself and include you are a social worker whenever responding to action alerts from either myself or messages forwarded.

: Bill to Gut State EITC Goes to Committee Next Week
House Bill 93 would eliminate refundability of EITC

The “No New Taxes” crowd in the NC General Assembly has no problem raising taxes on those who can least afford it. They are attacking the state Earned Income Tax Credit, which provides an important tax break to more than 800,000 low- and moderate-income working families in North Carolina.

House Bill 93 would increase taxes on 12% of non-elderly families in North Carolina. Legislators are considering this tax increase of working families even as they that contemplate lowering taxes on profitable corporations and letting expire the temporary surcharge on high-income earnings.

House Bill 93 would eliminate the refundable nature of the state EITC. Refundability is important because:
• It ensures those most in need—primarily low-wage workers with children—get the most from the credit.
• It offsets some of the sales and property taxes working families pay. The less money a family makes, the greater a share of its income it pays in these other taxes. The EITC makes the tax system fairer.
• It puts $52 million into local economies. Families tend to spend their tax refunds in close to home, creating the economic activity needed to jumpstart the state’s economy and put people back to work.
The House Finance Committee will likely hear House Bill 93 next week. Contact the committee members today!

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