Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Action Alert!

The legislative session this year has been so different from years past! This year, the legislators have been hit with balancing a budget with a $2.7 billion deficit. With a cast of new legislators and a new party in power, it is our job as social workers and citizens of North Carolina to EDUCATE our legislators about the important work we do.

Some information to provide to your legislators:
- Who you are
- Where you're from
- Your credentials (and what they mean!)- be PROUD to say YOU'RE A SOCIAL WORKER
- Where you went to school
- Where you work
- What type of work you specifically do

Provide them with information about your agency (how many people you serve, main services provided, how you're funded, how long you've been established)as it reflects on the community.

Legislators are part-time workers. They have other jobs when they leave Raleigh. They can not be the expert on what YOU do in their district! As you educate them on what you do for their districts, you are opening the door to build a relationship and can then follow up on legislation that is important to your organization.

One of the most important things to remember is that you deserve to be heard. You are their constituent and you have an important role in their community that they need to know about.

If you have further questions of how to open the door to your legislators, contact Kay Paksoy at the chapter office.

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Tanya Roberts said...

It is important to also be professional and gracious. Don't hesitate to send a short thank you note after your visit. Even if your meeting did not go well, you can always thank them for making the time. You absolutely deserve to be heard as a citizen and voter! Remember, they work for you! Most importantly - get out there and actually visit with them!!!