Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DHHS House Proposed Budget "high"lights

Reduce Nonprofit funding 2% reduction

Division of Aging:
Reduce Home and Community Care Block Grant- 12%

Division of Child Development:
Smart Start- 20% reduction
More at Four transfer from DPI: $65,122,426

Division of Public Health:
Reduce Local Health Department Funds to fiscal year 2006- Governor's Recommendation
Reduce Funds for Local Health Department Accreditation- 50%

Division of Social Services:
Eliminate Child and Family Team Pilot: continuation budget- $420,804
Eliminate State Funds for County DSS
Prioritize Adult Day Care Funding
Eliminate State Abortion Fund
Reduce Child Welfare Education Collaborative funds- will receive $239,453 per year

Division of Medical Assistance:
Targeted Rate Adjustments- $6,167,186
Modify Optional and Mandatory Services:
Optical- $2,356,027
Durable Medical Equipment- $2,689,077
Specialized Therapies- $1,178,014
Home Health- $1,465,973
Adjust provider rates- $50,378,633

Division of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse:
Reduce Child and Family Support Team- 100%
LME Administration- 17% in year two
Eliminate Community Funding spent for Medicaid recipients except for residential supports- 20,000,000 for FY 11-12; 0 for FY 12-13

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:
Eliminate Recreational Therapists Services
Reduce Independent Living Program by 13%

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