Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Occupy Statement

NASW-NC has been working with our National office and many other state chapters to develop a position on the Occupy Movement. The following was approved by our state chapter's board of directors on Dec. 3rd.

National Association of Social Workers, NC Chapter
Position Statement re Occupy Wall Street

As an organization that is committed to social and economic justice and unimpeded access to services for all, the NC Chapter of NASW acknowledges the Occupy Wall Street movement. These protests serve to address America’s “new economy” as a tale of skewed wealth with declining wages, rising debt, and the risk of deep and persistent poverty for many.

Social Workers know that joblessness and economic insecurity contribute to the incidence of mental illness, family violence, suicide, substance abuse, crime, and diminished capacity for healthy family and community functioning. It is this knowledge and experience that gives the social work profession a special responsibility to advocate for income, employment, and social support policies that promote the economic justice and social well-being of all members of society. The NASW-NC Chapter supports social, economic, and political actions to end poverty.

(note: this document is based on NASW's public policy statement on social justice as it appears in Social Work Speaks and the NASW Code of Ethics.)

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