Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Helms resolution passes, but not without protest

This is from the Greensboro News & Record blog.  While this is not necessarily a Social Work issue per se, I applaud Sen Boseman for her courage.  Jesse Helms was a statesmen and a man who represented his beliefs.  However, he was willing to make his politics and personal viewpoints the law of the land.  It is unimaginable to me that we in the Social Work profession would support this view.  As NASW National celebrates Gay & Lesbian history month and as I, as a Social Worker and member of the GLBTQA community practice my profession in NC, I pause to wonder why our General Assembly would see this as a smart move.  NC has far too many issues on the table than dividing the state with identity politics.


Jack Register, LCSW -  Hull House NC Editor


From the GSO News & Record Blog

A resolution memorializing former U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms passed both the Senate and House today, but it did not come without some quiet protest.

No one spoke against the measure.

But Sen. Julia Boseman, a Wilmington Democrat, voted against it – a highly unusual move on a measure that honors a dead person.

Seven other members of the Senate declined to cast a vote, including Sen. Katie Dorsett of Guilford County.

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