Monday, May 9, 2011

Medicaid Specific: NC House Budget

MEDICAID: Budget cuts would hurt economy and families

The NC House budget would cut more than a billion dollars from the Health & Human Services budget over the next two years, with more than $710 million of that coming from Medicaid. That’s a bad idea for several reasons.
First, deep reductions in Medicaid funding mean fewer services for people who need them. In fact, 1.5 million people get care through Medicaid, and two-thirds of recipients are children.
Second, these cuts would mean the loss of more than $2 billion in federal Medicaid funding, since the federal government matches state Medicaid expenditures 2 to 1.
Third, the budget calls for lower reimbursements for the medical professionals who provide them. So, money that would have gone from the federal government into the pockets of local providers—and from there into local economies that need those dollars to create jobs—will instead stay in Washington, DC.

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