Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Message from North Carolinians Against Gun Viloence

I am posting the following message for people to see because of the harm imposed on social workers. Whether you make home visits or work in the public, there are two bills that mean danger to you (SB 34 and HB 74). Social workers are already in danger due to the nature of our work and this bill would surpass the already imposed danger. PLEASE contact your legislators (both in the Senate and the House) and contact the bill sponsors to let them know how it would affect you as a social worker!
Kay Paksoy

Only 7 percent of voters nationwide think current gun laws should be less strict.
That’s it -- just 7 percent.

Here in North Carolina the majority of voters, including gun owners, support our current state gun laws which keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.
With such overwhelming support for sensible gun laws, it makes little sense that our legislators are introducing bills which would weaken North Carolina’s gun laws.
Yet in the first 30 days of our legislative session, bills have been proposed to allow guns in family restaurants, to allow concealed weapons into neighborhood parks, and to force employers to allow guns in ANY parking lots - even in churches or hospitals.
An additional ‘Shoot First’ bill has also been proposed, which seeks to extend this philosophy far past someone’s home into nearly any public place.

Allowing concealed weapons into our restaurants and public parking lots threatens the safety and lives of our citizens. Please show your support that North Carolina's gun laws should not be weakened.

Send this message to your elected officials.

Have more time? Volunteer to distribute our NCGV fact sheet to your elected officials.
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