Monday, June 25, 2007

Calendar this week

Make sure that everyone "goes" before we leave. This week will a road trip unlike many. We have a full calendar.

Today NASW-NC will be meeting with our coalition on SB 1358 The Street Gang Violence Prevention Act. This bill has some great intent but its implementation is flawed. We will be working with other advocates as well as some allies from National organizations to find ways of redirecting this language.

Our major concern in this bill is the layering of penalties on youth based solely on their affiliation or membership.

Tuesday will be a press conference regarding NC Kids' Care. We want to push for the adoption of the House funding for NC Kids’ Care, which would extend health insurance coverage to children in families between 200%-300% of the Federal Poverty Line ($42,000-$62,000 per year for a family of four).

Wednesday will be Mental Health Parity

Thursday will be the initial meeting of the provisional licensure work group for the Professional Association Council. This critical group will be working toward finding permanent fix for the billing of provisional staff.

This is a small sample of what NASW-NC will be doing for you this week.

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