Monday, June 18, 2007

A good place for a discussion on reform

As the session moves into the final phase with the budget I wanted to switch gears and talk about mental health reform for a bit.

Reform has been historic in so many ways for our state. As I have been told by Division of MH/DD/SAS leadership, this is the only time a state has taken on the task of reforming it's entire system at the same time. I believe that all social workers would agree that reform has not been ideal and has not been implemented in any kind of systematic way.

One key element of reform that has and is dramatically impacting the practice venue for social work comes in the form of provisional licensure. Since this blog is public and available to non-members, I will make my blanket statements first.

1. NASW-NC has created a provisional task force looking at the issues of reimbursement and job stability for PLCSWs.
2. NASW-NC, along with a coalition of other professionals, The Professional Association Council, was able to work with the Divisions to have the H code extended another year.
3. NASW-NC is actively working with the Divisions on a permanent fix. A workgroup has been convened.

Now, I know that there are lots of varied feelings about PLCSWs. So, let's begin a dialogue.

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