Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thoughts on the budgetary process from a newbie

Well, the GA (General Assembly) has been quieter than normal this week. With most folks out today at the funeral of Mrs. Basnight Raleigh is calmer. NASW-NC has spent the day in coalition meetings discussing issues in the substance abuse arena.

Most folks know that NASW-NC is part of more than 40 coalitions. We work with our partners as much as we can. As natural consensus builders, by our training, we seek to bring folk together to discuss issues.

I say this because that is the crux of my concern about the budget. Yes, I am new. Yes, this is my first session as your lobbyist. BUT, it seems to me that the natural way I would go about putting together the state budget priorities would be to hear from those who have needs. I liken this to the NC family sitting down and stating what we need to do with our available funds.

I know the world is not as I think it should be. I also don't think our General Assembly has been acting much like the NC family they should. We focus on priorities that seem important while ignoring the most essential basic needs of others.

In fact, the budget has been more and more disappointing as time progresses. Perhaps, someone can enlighten me as to why it seems that investing in those most at need would be detrimental to our future credit rating.

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Kerry said...

I agree Jack and it is frightening that these "people" who represent the "people" ignore the "people".

Kerry Graves, MSW