Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daily update

NASW-NC spent today working with the Professional Association Council. This council is made up of the licensed professions in NC. All of our sister professions are represented. It is a great way for us to bring issues to the fore that affect everyone.

It has been an honor to get to know these folks as we have wrestled with issues such as provisional licensure and workforce development.

We currently are convening a work group with DMA and DMH regarding the provisional licensure concerns. We are also working on issues around larger workforce development across the board.

Key to all of this is the cooperation of our colleagues and the willingness to come to the table. As an association, NASW-NC is accountable to our members. In this venue, at times, I have to set aside a "social work" only mindset and look at issues fro a larger context. It has been very helpful for me to learn more about how other professions struggle with similar issues to us.

The legislature is quite today. It is the official legislative Friday, so folks are headed out of town as quick as possible.

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Jane M.Stevens said...

I cannot understand the problem with provisional social workers doing outpatient therapy. If they are being supervised there should be no problem. This makes no sense to me.