Friday, July 20, 2007

SB 1090 Makes it through Ways & Means

SB 1090 Amend Social Work Licensure Laws made it through the House committee on Ways & Means yesterday. We had a unanimous vote and the bill also is now on its way to the House floor for a final vote. We expect it to be heard early next week. It will then go to the Governor for his signature.

What the Bill does:

Section 1: Defines a PLCSW according to Chapter 90-B. This was a technical insertion to better define where PLCSWs fit in the licensure law.

Section 2: Adds a records retention minimum requirement for PRIVATE PRACTICE LCSWs of three years. NASW National and most other professions have the standard of practice is indefinite and the NC Social Work Certification & Licensure Board needed something in the statute regarding records. NASW-NC recommends that practitioners with questions contact the licensure board with questions.

This section also states that any SW certified or licensed by the board shall cooperate with investigations or inquiries of the board.

Section 3: Adds to the statute time frames regarding exams and hours for PLCSWs. PLCSWs will have 2 years to pass their ASWB Clincial Exam and 6 years, or three renewal cycles, to gain all their contact hours.

This provision comes from conversations with Division staff regarding the ability to establish the competency of PLCSWs beyond the degree. NASW-NC recommends to any PLCSW with questions regarding this provision to contact the board.

Section 4: Removes language from the bill that is outdated and no longer applicable. It removes numbers 1 & 3. One refers to grandfathering that occurred when the law was first enacted. Three refers to exemptions for hospital employees.

The last removal of number three refers to independent clinical staff whose sole purpose is outpatient psychotherapy. These SWs must be licensed in order to practice. This provision was vetted by the Hospital Association, Duke University Medical Center, and legislative staff.

NASW-NC recommends that any SW with questions regarding this provision contact the board.

Section 5: Adds a provision that states all those licensed and certified by the board shall display their license or certification in a conspicuous place in their primary place of employment.

You can read more about the bill here.

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