Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A message from Together, NC

Dear Together NC partners and allies:

We wanted to make sure you didn't forget about our trainings over the next two weeks in Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh on ways to talk about government and taxes that have been proven to really resonate with people.

Together NC is partnering with the Public Works: the Demos Center for the Public Sector and Blueprint North Carolina to bring these trainings to you. Each offers ideas about how to use enduring values and concepts to tell new stories about public issues and government. In addition, attendees will get an in-depth look at the research and recommendations that the Public Works program offers with a special focus on the challenge of talking about taxes, budgets and the role of government in the current North Carolina State fiscal context. Participants will also spend time in discussion and working in small groups to apply the Public Works approach in the current state budget debate.

We’ll conclude with an update on what’s going on with the NC state budget, polling, and how to get engaged.

And, free lunch will be provided!

To learn more about each of the training opportunities and to sign up to attend, click the links below:
Monday, March 21 - Charlotte
Thursday, March 24 - Asheville
Friday, April 8 - Raleigh
•Elaine Mejia, Senior Program Associate, Public Works
•Louisa Warren: Together NC: Budget update
•Stephanie Bass, Blueprint NC: NC polls on citizen attitudes about budgets and spending

Please share with your members, staff, and Boards—these trainings are a unique opportunity to learn from the experts at Demos on how we can all do a better job of messaging around the state budget.

Please check out the new report on the TABOR legislation currently being considered in the General Assembly. The Budget & Tax Center presents some interesting facts and statistics that can help you talk about this proposal within your organization and home communities:

NEW!!! Budget & Tax Center Report on TABOR

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