Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on Session Bills

SB 221: Department of Corrections/Ex-offenders
An act that would require the Department of Corrections to be the single agency responsible for the coordination and implementation of reentry policy initiatives. It also encourages the continuation of ensuring ex-offenders have a successful transition back into society.
- We support this bill based the dignity and worth of a person. Prison sentences do not mean the end of life, a person can be reintegrated back into society based on successful measures.

SB 239 Food Bank Funds
An act to appropriate $1 million for the food banks in NC for the 2011-2012 fiscal year and 2012-2013 fiscal year.
- Say thanks to bill sponsors for keeping this a priority!

SB 245 Medicaid Billing by Local Health Departments
An act to authorize local health departments to bill medicaid through an approved medicaid clearinghouse or through the department of health and human services, division of public health.
- We are watching this bill to see how it develops. So far, it seems that this bill will help facilitate billing by giving another option to billing (partnership). We are not sure of the impact of this bill yet and will continue to follow it.

SB 326: Evaluate DD Residential Options for Children
This act would require DHHS to evaluate and report on residential placement options for young children with developmental disabilities.

HB 267: Mental Health Workers' Bill of Rights and HB 287 Mental Health Workers' Bill of Rights
- This bill supports all that social workers' do! Please contact the bill sponsors to say THANK YOU!
- The second bill, 287 has more representatives signed on.

HB 387: Access Confidential Info/Child Abuse/Neglect
- This bill would clarify when, to whom, and under what circumstances the identity of a person reporting child abuse or neglect may be released. It would also clarify what information the division of social services is required to maintain in the foster care registry and under what circumstances information in the registry may be withheld.
- This is a big bill for those working with families and children. It will give extra safety when reporting. I encourage you to share this with your supervisors or staff to stay informed!

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